Dacia Bi-Fuel: LPG goes official with new powertrain

Dacia is bringing such LPG to the UK with a new version of Duster, Sandero and Logan MCV’s “biofuels”.

Gone are the days when she then switched to LPG, and Dacia boasted that it was the first company in the UK to do so directly from the factory. Some car models already produce LPG models in Europe.

How did Dacia react?

Dacia GPL engineers, Loic Bouttier, explained that Dacia platforms and engines are designed to run on LPG from the start. The latest TCe 100 petrol engine, a 1.0-liter three-cylinder compressor, is designed from the ground up to produce both fuels. It runs on gasoline, has 99 horsepower and 118 pounds; Energy consumption on LPG was increased to 100 hp from 125 lb-ft.

The LPG-filled neck is located behind the fuel cap next to the fuel engine, which is filled from a 32-liter tank in the Sandero and Logan or a 34-liter tank in the Duster. The tank is shaped like rubber and uses a different wheel in your solid shell. The house has a switch and LPG meter that allows you to switch from LPG to gasoline.

And what about a

Dacia is looking for all the benefits that two types of oil can offer. It is said that the 620-kilometer oil field uses gasoline and LPG, and I also see that LPG can be about 40% cheaper than oil, which saves money in the long run. LPG burns harder than oil, which reduces emissions when using fuel. For example, the Sandero has 116 g / km of LPG and 128 g / km of petrol.

Luke Broad, brand manager at Dacia UK, explained to us that Dacia dealers have undergone additional training to educate customers with twin animals and how to begin the transition between fuel and vehicle types. 1,200 gasoline can run on LPG. The adjustment time is the same as the time promised for the oil types.


According to Dacia, both types of oil are worth $ 400 more than the same types of oil.

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