The Secrets Of Concepting Silver Jewelry For a LifeTime



Seashell JewelryI have to admit that the last couple of weeks of cold weather here on the East Coast really have me thinking about summer and visiting the nearby beach. And at the beach what do you normally find? Seashells!

I haven’t tried making any seashell jewelry yet, but when I start playing with it I’d like to make something like what I found at Christa’s South Seashells. And, yes, she lives near the Sea Shore – West Palm Beach, Florida!

While my pieces may not be this advanced anytime soon, I’m very impressed with the high quality of work and the amazing detail. Christa uses a lot of silver, coral and pearls, all of which work wonderfully together.
I can’t wait to start collecting shells and seeing what I can do with them this season.

If you don’t live near the water you can often buy sea shells from local craft stores or even the local bead store in your area. If you can’t find a ready source of shells you can always buy them online from places like Seashell World or any of the major online jewelry sites.

Last Minute Items From Fire Mountain Gems Before Christmas

According to an email directly from Fire Mountain Gems, you can still have orders sent to you before Christmas Day if you use FedEx Priority Overnight if you place the order before 1PM Pacific Mountain Time. That means that people on the East Coast can still order things up until 4pm today if they’re willing to pay for the shipping!

There’s a whole section of their website setup just for the Fire Mountain Gems Jewelry and Gifts Store in case you don’t have time to order all those beads and supplies and put something together for someone before Christmas day. If you hurry you can still buy some beautiful already made jewelry and use it as a gift to that special person. When he or she asked how you found the time to create such a beautiful piece of jewelry, you should just smile and say, “Oh, and artist never reveals her secrets!”

If you’re still looking for some sort of gift for that special bead jewelry maker in your life then you might want to also consider a Fire Mountain Gems gift certificate. They won’t arrive in time for Christmas, but you could always make up a quick certificate on the computer or write a nice note in a holiday card explaining that “good things” from Fire Mountain Gems are coming their way!

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

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