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Promote Your Bead Jewelry Website To Increase Your Sales

Promote Your Bead Jewelry Website To Increase Your Sales

Ever since I wrote about some ways to promote your bead jewelry website I’ve gotten a lot of email from people asking me to give them more advice and help with increasing web traffic to their site. Everyone wants to get more web traffic because the more people visit your website then the greater your chances are of making a sale or having someone contact you about crafting a custom bead or jewelry pieces.

Some people commented that getting website traffic to your bead jewelry site is great, but isn’t increasing jewelry sales more important? YES! Definitely! I’m going to assume your site is somewhat pleasing to the eye and easy to use. I review a lot of bead jewelry websites and I almost always mention if the beading website is easy to use and attractive to look at.

And of course the quality of your bead jewelry and photos matter a great deal. But you could be creating the most beautiful bead jewelry on the planet earth and if you have no visitors to your website then you surely won’t make any jewelry sales!

Think of it this way: would you rather sell beaded jewelry at a craft fair that had 100 people attending or one that had 10,000 people attending? Of course you’d want to sell at the fair that had more people because your bead jewelry will be seen by more people and this will increase your chance of a sale! This is exactly the same with a website: more people visiting your site inevitably means more sales.

How do you promote your bead jewelry website? Use all those bead jewelry website promotion tips and tricks I wrote about before. But have realistic expectations. Just as you don’t really expect thousands of people to be rushing your table at a craft fair, you’ll have to slowly build up traffic to your website. There are two types of traffic you can build:

Returning Visitors:

These are people who may have bought a piece of bead jewelry from you and they’re looking to see what you’ve made lately. They will only return regularly if you have new materials and piece and if you’re updating your website fairly regularly. Once a week updates would be a good start and then you can adjust from there. I’d also suggest running a bead jewelry blog about how you’re making your bead jewelry, what you’re looking at next or have it simply feature your newest pieces and a little story about how you were inspired to make it. Think about it this way: what would YOU want to read or check out if you were visiting a web site? You’d want new information and new fun things to look at from time to time, wouldn’t you?

New Visitors Through Search Engines:

A lot of people expect to put up a website and get hundreds of visitors a day. That’s unlikely at first simply because their website isn’t going to feature very prominently in the web search engines. Website search engines, like Google, can bring in a lot of new people to your website. How do you make your website feature prominently on the search engines? There is no single method, but most search engines “favor” websites with content that updates regularly and has lots of links to it.

So start “trading” links with other bead jewelers, craft sites, on bead jewelry forums and chatrooms or anywhere else you can online! The more links you have to your site, the more people will easily find your site or stumble upon it through search engines! New visitors can sometimes buy bead jewelry right away and then never come back or they may become regular visitors who share your site with others.

What’s the one thing this all takes? Patience. It takes time to build up web traffic. Search engines actually rank “older” websites slightly higher sometimes so by simply hanging in there with your website and updating it regularly you are bound to gain more website traffic.

Good luck!

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