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How to Make Paper Bead Necklaces

How to Make Paper Bead Necklaces

I’ve been playing around with making some unique paper beads lately and I was thinking about writing a tutorial on how to do it, but then I thought a better idea would be to show you all the great tutorials that I’ve been using online to help me master the art of the paper bead.

Paper Bead Necklace

See a video tutorial on how to create a paper bead necklace like this one over at
I like to call paper beads the “poor woman’s lampwork beads” because it allows us to make unique beads without all the glass and equipment costs required to blow and heat glass

The first tutorial I came across was on the fun site called They have all sorts of crazy “how-to” things, but usually they don’t have too many bead jewelry items. However, I stumbled over this “How To Make a Paper Bead Necklace” instructible and just had to share it! What’s cool about this tutorial is that it has a video version first, so you can watch the video (with attitude!) or if you want to go back and look over each step you can click on the steps across the top portion of the page!

If you want a little more traditional tutorial with some great details, then I suggest you check out Bella Online’s Making Paper Beads. She gives detailed instructions on how to cut and roll the beads, how to protect them and how to let them dry! She also has photos along the way which you can click on to make larger. You can also read about the history of paper beads and even see some alternative methods you can use to cut out your paper and roll it at the excellent PaperU Paper Beads Tutorial.

In general, all you have to do to make paper beads is follow these steps:

Cut out paper in long strips.
Put glue on one end and roll the paper so that the end with the glue it the last bit to be rolled.
Let the glue dry and then consider putting some sort of acrylic finish on the beads to protect them from moisture and make them a little more solid.

String your beads!

And what sort of paper should you make your beads out of? That’s completely up to you, but here are some quick suggestions:

Black and white newspaper
Color Sunday comic section from newspaper
Fashion Magazines
FireMountain Gems catalog(!)
Wrapping paper (new or used)

As you can see, it’s really pretty easy, but the above tutorials give you all sorts of variations and extra options you can employ to make your own paper bead jewelry!

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