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Beautifully Creative Bead Jewelry at Z Creations

Beautifully Creative Bead Jewelry at Z Creations

Bead jewelry designer and entrepreneur Valerie Z. Holstead actually contacted me about her new Z Creations Jewelry website, but if I had just stumbled upon it I would have guessed that she’d been designing and selling bead jewelry on the Internet for years! With beautifully unique pieces made out of high-quality crystals and metals, Valerie’s jewelry sparkles online as much as it does in person.

Always creative, Valerie turned the loss of a friend and coworker into a bright spot by taking some time off her day job to re-examine what was important to her. She had always been creative and started venturing into all sorts of ways to use her creativity to make ends meet.

She dabbled in a number of things including soy candles and homemade dog treats, but she found her true calling when she started creating bead jewelry. Three years ago she sat down and made a special double strand crystal necklace and matching earrings for her own wedding and was surprised to find how many people complimented her work and even requested similar items for themselves!

Beautifully Creative Bead Jewelry at Z Creations

She kept making new pieces and started making more custom orders and even started placing her pieces in some specialty boutiques and jewelry stores around Houston. The “Z” in Creative Z stands for her family name. And it happens to sound pretty darn cool!

Valerie says there’s no magic to how she designs jewelry. Her inspiration comes from everything around her from the texture and color of a piece of fabric to the lights of a city skyline. She just sits down and starts working with beads, trying to see what emerges from the creative process.

Now she’s expanded to the Internet and her website reflects her professionalism and high standards. Though she’s an independent artist the details and photos on her site rival those of professional jewelry stores! Her site features easy to navigate categories, a search box, plenty of photos and even the ability to ‘tell a friend’ about all the unique jewelry you find!

Valerie is always adding more pieces, so you might want check back every so often to see what else is new. She’s currently “field testing” hand-crafted Swarovski Crystal Dog Collars and hopes to start selling them on her website soon!

Her amazing bead jewelry, the professionalism of her site and her attention to detail make her site an online jewelry store that’s definitely worth visiting!

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