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Bead Jewelry Trends for Spring and Summer 2020

Bead Jewelry Trends for Spring and Summer 2020

I haven’t had the inspiration to make many beaded pieces lately due to the nasty cold and wet weather we’ve been having here on the East Coast. Over the weekend I was going through my calendar, trying to plan on what craft shows I want to try to sell bead jewelry at for this spring and summer, but I just couldn’t get into it.

I decided that I needed some major inspiration, so I decided to see what the “experts” are saying about what the hot bead jewerly and fashion trends are going to be this spring and summer.

Fire Mountain Gems Fashion Trends for 2020 Spring and Summer –

The juggernaut of bead jewelry supplies has a whole section dedicated to the 2007 spring and summer upcoming fashion and jewelry trends. While all their trends forecasting is obviously centered on selling supplies, there really is some neat stuff there. Generally, they predict more complex and intricate pieces, often mixing natural with unnatural. Fire Mountain Gems also has a 2020-20218 Color Forecast where they predict the popular colors for the upcoming year.

BellaOnline 2020 Spring and Summer Jewelry Trends –

BellaOnline is offering a look at what they feel will be the jewelry trends for the next six months and they’re predicting bead jewelry will still be popular. They feel that necklaces will get longer, more metal will have more detail and bracelets and watches will be popular this year. They also have a handy little color table for matching different colored beads and accessories.

Emitations’ 2020 Jewelry Trends –, a site dedicated to affordable jewelry also has some tips on jewelry trends, which generally agrees with other sites that necklaces will get longer, colors will get bolder and metals, especially gold, will continue to be popular. The increased use of gold should be fun for a lot of bead jewelers like myself who mostly work with silver now.

The National Craft Association Jewelry Trends –

The NCA has a page listing some of the trends it predicts, mostly focussing on wedding jewelry trends with a little blurb about bead jewelry in the middle. Wedding jewelry trends are somewhat predictable where bold and shiny are in and chandalier earrings are still very popular because of their thinning affect.’s Fashion Week Jeweler List –

For the really over-the-top trends you can always depend on Fashion Week to give us the loopy things that eventually filter into much simpler items in the marketplace. has a listing of some of the jewelry designers that are making appearances at Fashion Week.

Hope you have a great spring and summer filled with creating, selling and buying lots of gorgeous bead jewelry!

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