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Amazing Bead Jewelry For A Good Cause

Amazing Bead Jewelry For A Good Cause

I like to highlight all the positive ways people around the world are using bead jewelry to help one another. I recently stumbled across the World of Good website which features all sorts of fair trade products crafted by artisans all over the world and sold for a fair price.

They have a lot of really eclectic and unique pieces, but the World of Good jewelry section astounded me because most of it is made with beads, is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, is amazingly affordable and is helping people around the world!

World of Good helps artisans in impoverished nations by allowing them to create incredible works of art and paying a living wage for those works, and then bringing those pieces to mainstream markets through the internet and other channels. The more people around the world who buy the pieces, the higher the demand, the more business flows back to the artisans!

Find A Beadstore Anywhere in the World!

I was poking around through my boxes of beads this morning and decided that I needed to look for some new beads that I haven’t used or seen before. I went to my local beadshop only last week and wasn’t very inspired, so I started surfing around the internet and stumbled across a site that helps you find bead shops all over the world!

The is is called Guide to Beadwork and it has…are you ready for this?… a guide to beadstores all around the entire WORLD! This site is put together by a guy named Greg Vinson and he’s really done his homework. I’m not sure how he does it, but a worldwide guide to bead outlets is a heck of a lot of fun to search through!

Yes, the site is a little “busy” and the colors almost blinded me when I first saw it, but it’s a very, very useful guide to bead stores all over the world! He’s got the stores broken down by zip code and town, he has comments on store hours and even includes the phone numbers for most stores. Best of all, I found a great sounding store about an hour away from me that I’m hoping to visit sometime soon.

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