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All Jewelry Makers Need These: Bead Stopper!

All Jewelry Makers Need These: Bead Stopper!

Hi… I’ve been busy getting ready for my upcoming show and haven’t had much time to surf around or write up many tips. I do want to mention a little item I picked up a couple months ago and am finally getting a chance to use a lot of: the Bead Stopper!

These little things are really nothing more than tightly wound springs that “clip” onto the end of your wire and allow you to actually pick up and move your strand of beads around without having to worry about them sliding off because you haven’t put a clasp on yet.

I picked up a small pack of Bead Stoppers online because they were relatively inexpensive, totally reusable and a real timesaver, especially when you have a habit of knocking your almost-complete strand of bead jewelry to the floor!

They really are a life saver! Oh, and if you’re not sure about ordering things online (I do it all the time) then maybe you can ask your local bead shop to stock them. Everyone who uses them as at least one story about how they saved hours of “almost lost” work!

Want Beautiful Cheap Beads?

Everyone artisan who works with bead jewelry is always looking for something new and exciting to build into his or her pieces. Instead of looking for something new, why not try something old?

I’ve found that hitting garage sales, yard sales and flea markets is often a great way to find some great older bead jewelry that may be past it’s prime, but can be taken apart and used to liven up a different piece I’m working on. I like to mix the old and new beads together, sometimes producing interesting results which grab the eye more than a string of similar beads might.

And don’t think that I’m just hunting down precious gems! I’m a bargain hunter and I usually find that most people don’t give “costume” bead jewelry any real value at yard sales. More than once I’ve been picking through a box of costume jewelry and someone will walk over and just say, “You can take the whole thing for $5.00…”

An even greater finder at some of these sales is costume pieces that really don’t need much work to make them interesting and exciting again. I’ve found matching bead jewelry necklaces and bracelets where all I had to do was change out the clasps and clip on a charm to breathe new life into an old design.

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