We live in an age where the internet has completely taken over several aspects of the human life. In the past, skill acquisition and development could only be done by enrolling and attending some institutions of some sort. This created a huge level of limitations for several reasons. Sometimes, people are not able to go to specific places they find offer the kind of trainings they desire. Times have completely changed.

Presently, we live in the jet age where virtually everything is possible. Skills acquisition and development can be done right in the confines of your own home. All the necessary materials and tools needed are available at your beck and call without any form of stress whatsoever.

The case is not different with regards to Jewelry making skills, the case is not different. All the necessary tools, materials and techniques you need are regularly supplied on the internet.

A lot of creative exploration can be exhibited with handcrafted Jewelry making. This is a past-time that is known all over the world to both create some good sense of creative exploration and lucrative means of livelihood.

Jewelry designs are in a very wide range of diversity ranging from simple to complex designs for direct adornment on the body and for our fabric combination. There are some types of Jewelry that are very simple to make.

They do not require the use of any special tools neither do they give off complex designs when completed. These are very good designs for beginners to start with while progressing to much more complex designs. One thing I can guarantee you is that it is very much possible to learn to create a wide range of Jewelry items within a very short space of time.


Jewelry can be described as a small decorative object which is worn for personal beautification. It can either be worn on your clothes or body. Sometimes, jewelries are made from metals of different type and shades, silver or gold. They are also made from gemstones and similar materials like coral, beads, shells and amber.

While some jewelries come in very small sizes, as small as a big dot, some come in big sizes that drop massively.

Jewelries are often classified according to their functionalities. They can also be classified based on the places where they are worn on or the purpose for wearing them. With regards to where they are worn, they can be according to the parts of the body such as:

•The Ear
•The Arms
•The Hands
•The Legs and Feet
•The Neck
•The Body

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